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Had high hopes for this online store as they are fairly new. Ordered a playpen on April 29th/11.

Was sent an email from UPS that the estimated delivery time was May 6th/11. However when I looked up the tracking number on May 4th, it was still at the status of "Label created, tracking will be updated once shipment arrives at facility". So when I contacted Mystrollers through email (didn't bother to call, as their operators are very rude from my last contact with them), asking if my order was still in their facility, I got a response stating that it will be picked up next week...I asked why it was not picked up this week, I never got a direct answer. The responses were, literally, "It will be picked up"..."It takes longer to ship to Canada"...

I am fully aware that it takes longer to ship to Canada, but that is the shipping time, not the time it takes for the courier to come pick up the order from their warehouse.

I asked if my order was missed, they still have not answered my question, therefore I think that is what happened.

If this is the track that this store is heading on, being fairly new, it is not good news for them.

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